IJ-Hallen Flea Market

The IJ-Hallen flea market is the biggest in Europe and its a must for any market goer. It happens once a month over a weekend, Saturday and Sunday from 09.00 to 16.30. You can buy anything from furniture to clothes to salt & pepper dispensers and prices start from .50cent upwards. Some tips: – Go…


This city is madness… but I really enjoy going there. Here’s my post on Istanbul. And for even more inspiration, check out The Pretty Blogs take on Istanbul. 

Lisbon in Spring

Lisbon looks amazing, I am heading out there in May. Here is a great article on Lisbon during Spring by The Pretty Blog.

10 Most Beautiful Villages in Europe

as reported by Earth Traveling  1. Hallstatt, Austria 2. Tellaro, Italy 3. Bibury, England 4. Colmar, France 5. Reine, Norway 6. Pučiśća, Croatia 7. Telč, Czech Republic 8. Cong, Ireland 9. Gruyères, Switzerland 10. Bled, Slovenia

Crazy Copenhagen

I went to Copenhagen in October. Be warned: the Danish have a lot to splurge on so take some cash with you for extras that you don’t normally budget for. My notes: Put a few hours aside to browse the awesome boutiques – I did this for an entire day… Indulge in the Danish pastries,…


In August, while holidaying in Nice, France, I took a day off to visit Monaco. The easiest way to get there is by train and the ride is quite scenic. Monaco made me feel so poor, I felt like I should not have even been there… LOL. When you leave the train station you are…

48 hours in Istanbul, Turkey

I spent 48 hours in Istanbul during a work trip. It is a vibrant city, loads of colours, noise and craziness. I stayed in Ortakoy, it’s a lovely area near the Bosphorus. On the weekend, during the day it’s lively with markets and at night its the same. Two things to keep in mind, firstly…