GirlGI Holiday Gift Guide 2013

Girl Gone International has posted their Holiday Gift Guide for 2013. And there are some awesome things listed… My favorite is Meghan’s choice, a book “How to swear around the world”… #Awesome.

10 Things to do before you die

This is a great article by Messy Nessy Chic… 10 things to do before you die. 1. Attend the Burning Man Festival 2. Take a bath somewhere spectacular 3. Wake up on a beach 4. Watch Flamenco dancing in Seville 5. Eat Lobster at the Rock Restaurant in Zanzibar 6. Drive through Route 66 in…

Crazy Copenhagen

I went to Copenhagen in October. Be warned: the Danish have a lot to splurge on so take some cash with you for extras that you don’t normally budget for. My notes: Put a few hours aside to browse the awesome boutiques – I did this for an entire day… Indulge in the Danish pastries,…


In August, while holidaying in Nice, France, I took a day off to visit Monaco. The easiest way to get there is by train and the ride is quite scenic. Monaco made me feel so poor, I felt like I should not have even been there… LOL. When you leave the train station you are…


I stumbled across this amazing app… FiftyThree brings together the craft of software, hardware and service design. FiftyThree is the space to create and there are two gates to entry PAPER and BOOK (in collaboration with Moleskine). “To be human is to create.”

Crafty Camping

Crafty Camping I am far away from home, this may just suffice for a weekend getaway…

Whippet Cycling Co.

Stumbled across this cool container space where custom bikes are built. Where to find them, on the corner of Commissioner and Albrecht streets, in Maboneng Precinct, Johannesburg. Their work looks amazing. Facebook Blog

Converse Love

I never thought I would ever wear a pair of Converse until I moved to Europe, now I can’t get enough of them.I have four pairs and counting and I love snapping them on Instagram. Must love Converse.  


I’m dying for this cube to launch… I’ve been following it for months and my patience is running thin. I’ve registered for online pre-order so I’m holding thumbs. Instacube


This is┬átile. Some may call it gimmick, some others may find it insanely useful. I would definitely tag it to my bike keys, some others may tie it to their bikes… I think this thing will fly in Amsterdam (LOL)… “Dude, where’s my bike?”    

Evening Primrose Magic

Every girl hates that time of the month, you feel bloated, sore, sad, grumpy, uncomfortable, and you get break outs…so yes our monthly present can be horrendous. One of my friend’s recommended I start taking evening primrose oil regularly to help me during that time of the month as it helps minimise break outs, tenderness…