Lustful Lisbon

I kicked off the year with a short trip to Lisbon. Its a great city, with loads of personality. I stayed in Baxia/Rossio, the centre, its great super central, lots to do, and easy to get to everything. From the airpor, I took a taxi to Baxia, it cost me 11 euros one way. The…

City Street Art

Through my travels in Europe, I have found two cities that carry amazing street art, Berlin and London. In London, go on a street art tour In Berlin, see the Travelettes guide to street art.  


This city is madness… but I really enjoy going there. Here’s my post on Istanbul. And for even more inspiration, check out The Pretty Blogs take on Istanbul. 

Lisbon in Spring

Lisbon looks amazing, I am heading out there in May. Here is a great article on Lisbon during Spring by The Pretty Blog.

10 Most Beautiful Villages in Europe

as reported by Earth Traveling  1. Hallstatt, Austria 2. Tellaro, Italy 3. Bibury, England 4. Colmar, France 5. Reine, Norway 6. Pučiśća, Croatia 7. Telč, Czech Republic 8. Cong, Ireland 9. Gruyères, Switzerland 10. Bled, Slovenia

Bubble Tent Hotel

This is on my bucket list… Hotel Attrap’Rêves has a collection of bubble tents scattered in the forests of Bouches-du-Rhone. The bubbles look small and cozy – some are fully transparent, while others allow a little more privacy and are half opaque.

10 Things to do before you die

This is a great article by Messy Nessy Chic… 10 things to do before you die. 1. Attend the Burning Man Festival 2. Take a bath somewhere spectacular 3. Wake up on a beach 4. Watch Flamenco dancing in Seville 5. Eat Lobster at the Rock Restaurant in Zanzibar 6. Drive through Route 66 in…