I stumbled across this amazing app… FiftyThree brings together the craft of software, hardware and service design. FiftyThree is the space to create and there are two gates to entry PAPER and BOOK (in collaboration with Moleskine). “To be human is to create.”

Whippet Cycling Co.

Stumbled across this cool container space where custom bikes are built. Where to find them, on the corner of Commissioner and Albrecht streets, in Maboneng Precinct, Johannesburg. Their work looks amazing. Facebook Blog


I’m dying for this cube to launch… I’ve been following it for months and my patience is running thin. I’ve registered for online pre-order so I’m holding thumbs. Instacube


This is┬átile. Some may call it gimmick, some others may find it insanely useful. I would definitely tag it to my bike keys, some others may tie it to their bikes… I think this thing will fly in Amsterdam (LOL)… “Dude, where’s my bike?”    

Shut up and Shoot: theQ Camera

I stumbled across this little cutie yesterday… theQ camera. This ultra cute lightweight, waterproof, 5 megapixel camera comes in 9 flattering colorful colors. It is 3G and wireless enabled allowing you to share you photos directly onto your social network platforms while you are on the go capturing your experiences. If that isn’t cool enough,…

Polaroid Love

I love good photography, and awesome photos comes in many different forms. There is something very special and cool about Polaroid’s. I have added to my collection and invested in one of these puppies. Will post a few pictures once I’ve tried it out.