THINX the new period panty

THINX. The new period panty a lot of girls are talking about. In a nutshell, no more tampons, no more pads, thanks to THINX. This reusable underwear protects you from leaks and keeps you feeling dry. How do you clean them? Rinse first. Then cold wash. no fabric softener. Then hang dry. They offer fives styles…

The Bathory

  I stumbled across an article on The Bathory and their concept is just up my alley. Based out of London, The Bathory has developed a great concept around letting you mix your own bath soak. Three easy steps: 1. Pick one salt mix 2. Choose three oils 3. They blend it & send it It’s that easy. I’ve blended my…

DIY Relaxing Herbal Bath Salt Soak

  ThePrettyBlog delivers yet another DIY treat. Relaxing herbal bath salt soak. Things to get your hands on; – 1 cup of Epsom Salts – 1 cup of coarse Sea Salt – 2 tbsp. of Jojoba Oil – a hand full of dried Lavender – clean mixing bowl – spoon – sterilised jar to store…

Kiehl’s Magic

My friend introduced me to Kiehl’s. It’s amazing stuff, my favorite product by far is the Over-Night Biological Peel, your skin feels like heaven the next day. An additional perk when you buy the products, is the sample packs, they are pretty decent. Check them out!


Stumbled across APIVITA in Amsterdam’s Bee Beauty on Roelof Hartstraat, the store front attracted me. This product originated out from Greece. All products contain between 80%-100% natural products and has none of those really bad things like, SLS, ALES, ALS Parabens, MIT, BHT Petrochemicals (Mineral & Paraffin Oils) Synthetic Perfumes (Phthalates , PCM) Genetically Modified Organisms…

Rose Water Summer Loving

It’s the simplicity of rose water that makes it so attractive. In summer this is a must have. Put it into a bottle that sprays and drench yourself with it when you get out of the shower or pool on a hot summers day. It’s refreshing, gentle on your skin and acts as a moisturizer,…

Dead Sea Salt Soak

A great quick and easy soak for your hands and feet when you are watching TV. Ingredients: Dead Sea Salt Olive Oil Limes Enjoy it.

Coconut Oil Moisturising

I must live under a rock, but I never knew that coconut oil is a good moisturiser. I tried it this weekend, its lovely! Move over Body Shop, Hello organic coconut oil!

DIY Cuticle Oil

Another simple recipe from the DIY Skincare talk. Ingredients: 2 tablespoons sweet almond or hemp seed oil or grapeseed oil 5-10 drops of tea tree or lavender oil A small Jar Non greasy and oh so easy. Keep refrigerated. Carries a 1 month shelf life.

Simple Scrub for Body, Hands & Feet

Went to a really awesome talk this week on DIY skincare products. We made this simple scrub and it is absolutely amazing. Ingredients: Oatmeal Honey Sugar And a Jar to hold everything Use the same quantities across all ingredients and its for you to decide how much you want to make. It is glorious and…