So this Halloween fell on a Friday and my first time celebrating in Amsterdam.

My favorite meet up group Girl Gone International were hosting a Halloween party at a local Irish pub #ACE, the theme “inspirational woman” – not so Halloweenee, but who cares.

Due to my pathetic organizational skills, I was left on Friday afternoon pondering what to dress up as with what I had available in my apartment, which in my case was not much.

Maybe Marilyn, no – no white dress.

Maybe Aileen Wuornos, no – no one will know her.

Maybe Amy Winehouse, no – you’re blonde!

Maybe a girl doing the W.O.S (Walk of Shame), YES!

I personally have never done the W.O.S before, so she is my inspiration.

Dress code

1. Some sexy underwear

2. Black stockings

3. Some “follow me home and fuck me” high heels

4. A bed sheet to wrap yourself in

5. ‘Morning after’ make up – we all know how it looks.

Easy, fun and simple. It was a crowd pleaser and so easy to pull off.


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