Crazy Copenhagen

I went to Copenhagen in October.

Be warned: the Danish have a lot to splurge on so take some cash with you for extras that you don’t normally budget for.

My notes:

Put a few hours aside to browse the awesome boutiques – I did this for an entire day…

Indulge in the Danish pastries, and don’t feel guilty, just take it in, its something special.

Shop until you drop, the main shopping street in the old town has all the brands you can think of, its dangerous.

Visit the Lego store – its epic!

Rent a bike and explore, most hotels have bikes for rental

Visit Christiania – this place was my highlight. It’s weird, unique and intriguing. The people there are one of a kind. Spend late afternoon into the evening there. Browse the markets and support the locals, and if you brave it, buy and smoke some hash there, the risk is worth the experience. The only bummer about this area is that you can’t take photos… So if you visit Christiania, there are three rules: Have Fun. Don’t Run. And NO Photos. Enjoy the Green Light District.

Go for a run around Christiania and surrounding, its amazing what you can experience through a run.

Visit Navyn, walk down the canal and have lunch at one of the canalside restaurants, then grab some ice-cream on the corner.

Visit Tivoli amusement park… It’s amazing. And its a bonus if its around a holiday, I went during Halloween and the decorations were out of this world, I must have seen 1 000+ pumpkins. This place guarantees you to act like a kid for an entire day…

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