Rose Water Summer Loving

It’s the simplicity of rose water that makes it so attractive. In summer this is a must have. Put it into a bottle that sprays and drench yourself with it when you get out of the shower or pool on a hot summers day. It’s refreshing, gentle on your skin and acts as a moisturizer,…

Romantic comedy with attitude ~ Adele Parks

Thought I would share my author fetish with you. I wasn’t much of a reader back in the day but I am so glad that changed with age. I can’t even remember how I came across Adele Park’s book Husbands, but when I did I was instantly hooked. I adore her writing style and her…


I’m a major fan of Instagram and when I stumbled across StickyGram I was in heaven. My only problem is that I don’t have enough steel in my house to stick my StickyGram’s on… Aaargh. Check them out at StickyGram

Pink Tips

I have a crazy South African hairdresser here in Amsterdam and she gets totally bored of my “Sandton blonde” every time I see here. The last time I visited her she said she was going to give me pink tips. I thought she was joking but before I knew it she was mixing the color….

Polaroid Love

I love good photography, and awesome photos comes in many different forms. There is something very special and cool about Polaroid’s. I have added to my collection and invested in one of these puppies. Will post a few pictures once I’ve tried it out.

Amsterdam Home Inspiration

While staying in Amsterdam, I have fallen in love with some European style, and wall shelves is one of them. I have one in my apartment and its one of my favorite pieces, I’m definitely taking this idea home with me when I go back to South Africa.

Fuelband the ultimate arm accessory

I totally love the fact that Fuelband as become one of the hottest arm accessories since its launch. Not only is it a crucial piece of technology in leading and monitoring a healthy lifestyle, it looks hot on your arm alone or alongside some arm jewelry. I love my fuelband.

Stack Rings

I have seen these popping up a lot on Pinterest and Polyvore. I love the look. I need to get myself some of these. If you are undecided on the rings you want, check out Polyvore for some inspiration.