Snowy Stockholm, Sweden


I loved Stockholm, even though I went at the coldest time of the year, January…

The whole weekend I was there, I think it hovered in the -10C, total madness.

This city is amazing and so beautiful.

I stayed in the Old Town which has beautiful little streets and shops that you can get lost in all day.

It wasn’t as expensive as everybody made it out to be, which was a relief.

On this trip I also fell in love with watching ice hockey on television, I’ve never watched it before but it seems to have quite a big following in Stockholm.

My notes:
-Even though it was cold, the city is beautiful in winter
-Stay in the Old Town if you can, its gorgeous
-Take long walks in the snow
-Visit the old harbour where house boats 100+ years are docked and you can read about them
-Find a piece of cardboard and slide down a hill in the snow

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