Head First Down the Slopes of Innsbruck, Austria


In March, I decided to give skiing a try… so Innsbruck was the battleground.

I have heard horror stories about first time skiing trips… but I can say that I survived but not without my fair share of tears, bumps and bruises.

Innsbruck is a lovely little city, both to look at and to shop. The mountains are amazing and surround the city centre.

My notes:

– Stay in a hotel in the city centre so you don’t have to walk too far after a day on the slopes, your legs will be your worst enemy.
– The food is amazing, where ever you go.
– Rent a car, its so much easier than the buses, you can come and go to the slopes whenever you want and the drive is so scenic to the slopes, you will want to stop and take photos.
– Take a few skiing lessons, you will learn a few invaluable tips
– Take the locals perception on the slopes with a pinch of salt, if they say its easy, its probably intermediate. I learnt the hard way.
– My favourite slope was Axamer Lizum
– Have breakfast, lunch or tea at Strudel Cafe Kroll, they have the best strudels in town.
– Visit Swarovski and spoil yourself
– Stay in a hotel that has a sauna, trust me, after a day on the slopes it will be your best friend

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