Celebrating Easter Swiss style


For Easter I decided to visit some friends in Zurich.

Unfortunately the weather was bad, rain, lots of low hanging clouds, so I didn’t get to see all the great mountain surrounding views that I had heard so much about.

Also a key thing to take note of is that they are Catholic there so during public holidays everything is closed and I mean everything.

My notes:

– Stay with friends, its crazy expensive.
– Don’t eat out a lot, rather enjoy good food cooked at home with friends at half the price.
– Try raclette, a traditional Swiss dish, really nice and adds a great vibe to an evening dinner with friends.
– Take a boat trip on the lake, its really pretty and must be even more pretty without clouds and rain
– Take the train to Lucerne and spend the day there. It’s gorgeous.
– In Zurich take a photo of the biggest clock face in Europe.
– Buy a Swiss army knife.

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