48 hours in Istanbul, Turkey


I spent 48 hours in Istanbul during a work trip.

It is a vibrant city, loads of colours, noise and craziness.

I stayed in Ortakoy, it’s a lovely area near the Bosphorus. On the weekend, during the day it’s lively with markets and at night its the same.

Two things to keep in mind, firstly the traffic in Istanbul is atrosious so make sure that you take this into account when communting to the airport and around the city, its on foot is the best. Secondly, there is a language barrier, English is not widely spoken or understood, so be prepared.

If you are a animal lover, be prepared to see lots of stray dogs and cats, they are everywhere…

My notes:
-Visit Ortakoy – get lost in the markets, and eat a potato spud for lunch, they are lovely. And then have dinner on the sea front.
-Visit the Bosphorus at night, the bridge is breathe taking
-Eat of sesame seed pretzel from a street vendor
-Have a Turkish Bath
-Visit Taksim Square
-Watch a Galatasaray football match, either at the stadium or at a GS bar, the vibe is like no other
-Eat your life away, their food is great
-Visit a shopping mall, they are impressive


4 Comments Add yours

    1. kateschmude says:

      Enjoy! It’s lovely … Have a spud potato!

  1. lightfellow says:

    Really really want to visit Turkey and Istanbul

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