Mussles in Bruxelles, Belgium


I hit 2012 off with a trip to Brussels, in Belgium…

I am a fan of mussels so I was excited to see what all the hype was about.
The biggest thing I remember around the trip is the warnings of muggings and pick pocketing.
In the weeks leading up to my departure, everyone was warning me about this petty crime, so it must happen regularly.
I took a train in from amsterdam and as I left the train station i asked a man for directions and he warned me that they had just tried to mug him… quite unsettling seen as though I had been there for no even 10 minutes.
Overall the is a quaint little city, you only need two days there to see the sights.
My notes:
-Be careful of pick pocketing and mugging, there are signs in every bar warning you, so be careful. Leave your passport and credit cards in the hotel, carry as little with you as possible
-The mussels are good
-The waffles are amazing
-The manneken-pis is tiny and disappointing if you ask me
-The bars are good
-They know how to party

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