A weekend in Prague, Czech Republic


I hit prague in October 2011.

It is a really pretty city, especially the old town. I was there for a weekend and it was sufficient.

The locals are a bit rude, especially the taxi drivers, however I don’t think its rude I think they are intimidated by the language barrier, the english fluency is not to good.

My notes;

The city is pretty, especially the old town
The old town is cheap enough to stay there, so definitely stay in the old town
The food is amazing and cheap
The tourist shopping is cheap so you can go crazy
They have beautiful puppets in prague, you should consider getting one
The charles bridge is lovely and romantic
A warning: if you are out and about, watch your drink, I have heard a few horror stories about drinks getting spiked and your credit cards being cleaned out, but don’t let this put you off.


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