A trip through Italy: Naples, Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan


Italy was my first trip abroad and to be honest it is still tops my list of countries I have visited.

For a first international trip, it was a hell of a ride, it was a two week planned trip in december 2010, so it was cold… and on my flight in they lost my luggage, damn airfrance. all flights were cancelled so I missed my connecting flight to naples. To cut a long story short, I ended up in rome, where I had to sleep in the airport and then make my way to naples the next morning to start my trip, all with no clothes or luggage.

Once in Naples my trip started working my way up north to Rome, then Florence, then Venice and finally Milan.

Naples: I loved this dirty, crazy little city. the pizza is amazing, the shopping is cheap, the streets are dirty, the traffic is crazy, its an experience…

Rome: so much to see, the building are incredible and amazing… you need the most time here.

Florence: beautiful city, the streets are amazing, you can get lost walking them for hours, and the shopping is dangerous.

Venice: my favorite city. It is so different, everything is done on the water. I adored it here.

Milan: the city for shopping. It me, this was the least nicest of the cities, its very commercialized but the shopping is also great. The best part is that AC Milan lives there.

My notes on Italy;

– its definitely worth the trip

– go in summer

– eat until you drop

– shop until you drop

– take comfortable shoes with you and get lost in the streets

– watch out for the scooters! And hire one if you are brave

– take a gondola ride through the Venice canals






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